I’m James Leaveck, Owner of Shadow Holsters. Thank-you for taking the time to consider my company to provide for your holster needs.

                I’ve spent my adult life running expeditions; running dogs, climbing, canoeing, and sailing. I understand the importance of a high-quality product that meets the demands of rigorous use and performs the first time and every time. Throughout the years, I’ve always had to modify equipment. Stock run items are usually at best a 90% solution. This trend is just as true in the concealed carry / firearms industry. This is why I started Shadow Holsters.

                I don’t build a stock of merchandise; I custom make each holster to your requirements. Starting with a base design, I take what features you want and build them into a quality product. At all times, you will be personally dealing with me, not an uninformed sales rep that is just trying to move product.

                Contact me today to discuss making a custom holster for your pistol, mag, knife, or any other item you might need. If I don’t have the item, mag, or gun mold I will work in trade. Send the mold and receive a holster a discount in relation to the cost of the mold.