Custom Pistol Holster

Custom Pistol Holster

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Get a holster for any pistol. With over 60 molds available to choose from most custom holsters ship fast. If you have a specialty firearm, I can use your gun as the mold. Order this and fill out details and I will contact you. Or contact me and describe what you are looking for.

Select Color and Light Attachment to get price for those options. After adding to cart there will be a form that will allow to designate any further details that are not charged separately.

If you have any questins, contact us, or submit the order and make a note in the form, or contact us. We will discuss your specific requirement and insure you get exactly the product you want.


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This is the base line product for kydex holsters. Used for IWB and OWB carry. Left or Right hand. Varying belt sizes and for most guns you can think of. Shadow Holster's mission isn't to turn out hundreds of the same product and try to squeeze out every penny. I make custom holsters to order. Tell me your specs and if you prefer we can work out a trade on the mold. If not, purchasing the mold will be a separate charge.